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The Blueberry Mastercard is a reloadable prepaid Mastercard, that can be used anywhere that Mastercard cards are accepted.


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On activating your Blueberry Mastercard you will automatically be issued with a personal Blueberry E-Wallet.

E-Money Voucher

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The Blueberry E-Money Voucher is a voucher based payment solution and a recognized form of legal tender.


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The Blueberry Pin-To-Pay Voucher Code is a payment code that allows you to generate variable payment values from your E-Wallet.

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What is Blueberry Mastercard

Blueberry Payment Solutions

Blueberry payment solutions is a secure method of payment to retail outlets for goods and services, as well as online web merchants either with your Blueberry Mastercard or Blueberry E-Wallet. Blueberry E-Money Vouchers can be used to load funds onto your Blueberry Mastercard and/or E-Wallet, and can also be used to pay online web merchants wherever the Blueberry logo is presented.

Blueberry is always with you

Wherever you go... Blueberry's unique interactive and secure E-Wallet and card allows you to manage your funds and spend like a local abroad by avoiding bank charges that are commonplace when using your domestic debit or credit card.

Get BLueberry in your area

Blueberry Cards and E-Money vouchers are available from many supermarkets, petrol stations, tobacconists and newsagents. Use the Blueberry sales outlet finder to locate an oulet near you.

Using Blueberry

Being a Blueberry Card cardholder means that you only have to enter your Blueberry E-Money voucher 16-digit PIN to make an online payment. Your Blueberry E-Wallet has its own menu option that lets you track each payment you make. This gives you a clear overview and full control of your spending at all times. Topping up your Blueberry E-Wallet with a Blueberry E-Money voucher immediately adds the credit to your existing balance.

Download the Blueberry App for your Android phone

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