How it works

  • The Blueberry Mastercard is a reloadable prepaid Mastercard that can be used wherever the Mastercard acceptance mark is displayed. At over 35 Million retail points of sale for payment of goods and services, online payments and ATM cash withdrawals.
  • Excellent budgeting tool with no surprise bills at the end of the month, as you cannot spend more than the amount you have loaded.
  • Easy to find using our location maps, and easy to activate by following the easy steps.
  • Once activated you can load funds easily onto your Mastercard; by:
    • Using a Blueberry E-Money Voucher purchased from your convenient retail store.
    • Load funds directly from your bank account by electronic transfer.
    • Use your debit or credit card to pay into your Blueberry Mastercard account.
  • A private and secure way to manage your finances.
  • On-Line and mobile access to transaction history and account balances.
    • The Blueberry Mastercard is issued with “Chip & Pin” security.
    • No offline transactions can be performed for security purposes.
  • The Blueberry Mastercard is issued by IDT Financial Services Ltd, pursuant to a license by Mastercard International.
Once you have activated your Blueberry Mastercard you will automatically be issued with a personal Blueberry E-Wallet. The E-Wallet is a separate payment solution to the Blueberry Mastercard Account with its own balance.
The E-Wallet is reloadable and registered to a single user which is accessible only by the registered user for payment purposes.
The E-Wallet can be used to:
  • Make instant payments to registered online web sites that display the Blueberry Logo.
  • Make E-Wallet to E-Wallet transfers. (both parties must be upgraded to KYC level 2).
  • Receive instant payments from registered online web sites
  • Transfer funds from E-Wallet to Blueberry Mastercard
The E-Wallet can be loaded by:
  • Loading a Blueberry E-Money Voucher.
  • Load funds directly from your bank account by electronic transfer.
  • Use your debit or credit card to pay into your Blueberry E-Wallet.
Online and mobile access to transaction history and account balances.
The Blueberry E-Wallet is issued by IDT Financial Services Ltd,
  • The Blueberry E-Money Voucher is a voucher based payment solution and a recognized form of legal tender.
  • The E-Money voucher enables the user to:
    • Make Online web payments without the need for debit or credit cards.
    • LOAD FUNDS onto Blueberry E-Wallets and/or Blueberry Mastercard.
  • The Blueberry payment solution uses E-Money vouchers, which are individually and uniquely encoded. They are issued in exchange for cash at par value of the denomination amount stated on the E-Money voucher.
  • Blueberry E-Money Vouchers are available at participating Blueberry Retail outlets
  • Blueberry E-Money vouchers are available in denominations of €10, €20, €50, €100 and €250
  • Follow the instructions as printed on the voucher to redeem the value.
  • Blueberry E-Money vouchers are valid for a 12 month period from the time they are issued at the point of sale.
  • A Pin-To-Pay code is a payment code that is used to pay merchants from your E-Wallet.
  • You generate a Pin-To-Pay code from your E-Wallet and use it in place of a Blueberry E-Money Voucher.
  • The Pin-To-Pay code acts as a payment authorisation and is valid for 30 minutes from the time of generation.
  • Use the Pin-To-Pay code at any online merchant that accepts Blueberry E-Money Vouchers.
  • The Pin-To-Pay code can be generated for any value up to €250 including decimal amounts so you can make exact payments.
  • The Pin-To-Pay value is only deducted from your E-Wallet account when it is used.
  • Load your Blueberry E-Wallet using Blueberry E-Money Vouchers and generate Pin-To-Pay codes to make payments.
  • Manage your cash payments with exact flexible amounts and control your budget.
  • Load once, pay many. By using the Pin-To-Pay method you can load your E-Wallet once and then split payments to merchants rather than loading a full voucher value onto a merchant site.
  • Pin-To-Pay codes can be cancelled by you if they have not been used, this is handy if you change your mind or need to change the value.