BREXIT - UK's withdrawal from the EU


As a Blueberry Payment Solutions cardholder, we are required to inform you that as of 31st December 2020 your Blueberry Payment Solutions Prepaid Debit Mastercard© may be suspended. We are looking into solutions to avoid this suspension taking place, as well as a solution to restore the service as soon as possible should this happen, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please see below an explanation and rationale for possible suspension.

Why is this happening?
The primary reason being the United Kingdom’s and Gibraltar’s departure from the EU. As our issuing bank, IDT Financial Services Limited is incorporated and licenced in Gibraltar our services may be affected by a No-Deal Brexit. IDT Financial Services is in the process of procuring a license in an EU jurisdiction that would allow the service to continue unaffected.

However, due to circumstances beyond all parties control, the application process is taking longer than planned, and although they are in the process of seeking to obtain the license, it may not be granted in time for the UK and Gibraltar’s departure from the EU.

What does this mean for me?
Should IDT Financial Services Limited be unable to continue to operate in the EU after 31st December 2020, your Blueberry Payment Solutions Prepaid Debit Mastercard© will be temporarily suspended as of midnight on the 31st December 2020, until the new licence is activated. Please rest assured that all potential options are being explored and this is a worst-case scenario. However, this is a potential scenario and therefore, we wanted to keep you informed.

What if I still have money on my prepaid card?
You will still be able to use your Blueberry Mastercard as per normal and wherever you see the Mastercard Logo. In the event that IDT does not procure the licence in time then your card will be temporarily suspended. All funds will have to be withdrawn prior to the New Year (0:00 – 01/01/20201) or they can be sent to a bank account in your name.

Until when can I load funds onto my card?
You may continue loading funds onto your card until 27/12/2020, after which you will only be allowed to spend down the remaining balance. This should allow you time to make alternative arrangements to receive any funds.

What happens if an agreement is reached after I have received this letter and before the 31st December?
If an agreement is reached between the UK and the EU in relation to financial services, and this agreement is extended to Gibraltar, then you may be able to continue using your card without interruption. Rest assured we would advise you of any developments in relation to this.

What happens after the 1st January 2021?
Your money is protected. If you have any remaining funds on your prepaid card after it is suspended and you wish to withdraw these, you will need to contact our Customer Services Team to arrange a refund to your bank account by emailing info@blueberrycard.com or calling +357 26 257 888. You will not be charged for this transfer.

What if I have paid a Monthly Fee for this card?
If you have paid a Monthly Fee in advance as part of your agreed terms of service for your Blueberry Payment Solutions Prepaid Mastercard©, you may be able to claim back part of the monthly fee charged. However, as you are still receiving the service for the whole month of December this fee will not be refundable. Please refer to your terms and conditions for further information or contact Customer Services as advised above.

When will the service be restored?
We cannot provide you with an exact date when the service will be restored, but we will inform you when standard services returns.

What should I do with the card?
If you wish to continue with Blueberry Payment Solutions Prepaid Debit Mastercard© then you do not need to do anything, just remember to keep your card in a safe place.

If you choose to terminate your agreement with us then please cut your card through the magnetic stripe as well as the chip. Please remember to dispose of the plastic remains in a responsible manner.

Once again, we sincerely regret this situation however, rest assured we are making every effort to ensure that any business interruption is temporary and short lived. We hope that you choose to remain with us in the future as we continue to grow together.

To discuss any matters raised above, please contact us on +357 26 257 888

We thank you for your past business and look forward to continuing to serve you.